Driving Transparent Engagement 


Expert Service

We have a good understanding of the UK market for our African companies and we work with the suppliers to meet the markets expectations. So we can assure our suppliers that whatever products they have in our product range we will work to ensure that interested demand is met.

UK manufacturers can also expect, market entry support for Africa, development of a comprehensive 'landing process', and partner search and dealmaking support;


Organised to Deliver

We host African companies at trade shows, with our continuously growing partnerships of UK trade shows. We understand that visa's can also be a constraint for African Directors entering the UK so we provide representation at the trade shows for them, to ensure their products gain exposure to willing buyers.


Attention to Detail

Its no secrete that business practice and cultures differ between the UK and Africa, so we are here to ensure that companies from both regions enter markets with confidence of an attentive approach to those nuances, by brokering relationships for them and representing their interests for mutual benefit. They can expect formal introductions to high performing African or UK companies, including visiting and exhibiting at relevant trade exhibitions, and opportunity-focussed visits to potential partners and clients associated with projects.

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